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    The Bingo Zone
    by Regina Espinosa,
    Updated: 2 September 1999

    Cost to play: Free
    Prizes/jackpot: Progressive, usually ranges from about $2 to $40
    Download required? No
    Frequency: Every 10 minutes
    Number of cards: 3
    Sound effects/Caller? No
    Chat: Yes

    I checked out The Bingo Zone at Gamesville and can recommend it as a pleasant game. Three cards with highlighted patterns make this game a breeze. And one feature I really liked -- the number chart above the cards is color-coordinated to the pattern on the cards!

    I joined a game in progress. All the catch-up numbers were red for easy viewing. I also liked the pause feature. If you stop clicking for new balls, the game pauses and, when you return, lists them all in red at the side of the number chart.

    The patterns change every game and some are quite humorous. I like the bunny. The Bingo Zone is a simple, fast game without a lot of bells and whistles. But that's part of the appeal. It's easy on the eyes and fun to play. When you're tired of bingo, if that's possible, click over to the numerous other games and links offered at Gamesville. And if you're playing when you shouldn't be, hit the panic button to hide the game with official looking work!

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