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  • 18 May 2000 - BingoHour has changed things around since I wrote this review. The games no longer require download. Check them out! - Regina

    Bingo Hour
    by Regina Espinosa,
    28 September 1999

    Cost to play: Ranges from about $1 to $3 per card
    Prizes/jackpot: $100,000 jackpot on Saturdays
    Download required? Yes
    Frequency: Every 10 minutes
    Number of cards: Up to 6
    Sound effects/Caller? Yes
    Chat: Yes

    If you're looking for big jackpot bingo, Bingo Hour is a site you'll definitely want to visit. Every Saturday they offer a $100,000 blackout game. To win you need to cover your card in 45 numbers or less. It doesn't sound easy but I'm sure it can be done!

    If there's no winner, then there's a consolation prize for the first coverall. Cards for the jackpot game are $3 each or 6 for $15.

    Of course Bingo Hour offers regular bingo games for smaller prizes all week long. I haven't played their big jackpot game yet so I'll tell you what I found when I played their everyday games.

    First, before you can play Bingo Hour you need to download the game from their site. I'm not exactly a computer expert but Bingo Hour provided easy instructions and the download went smoothly.

    Next you need to register and deposit money into your account -- at least 25 dollars. Cards cost $1 each up to a maximum of six cards. You can also buy hourly packages. If you like, you can buy cards up to 4 weeks ahead of a game.

    When I played, lots of people were there and the chat room was really lively. I got the impression that many players were regulars -- usually the sign of a good game! When bingo was getting close everyone would tell each other how many numbers they had left to go (2tg, 4tg, and so on). Between games, one player was getting advice on how to do away with her husband!

    The top-of-the-hour jackpot was around $150 and the regular game jackpot was just under $100.

    And how about the game? It looks good! Six big and easy-to-read cards with a nice clear ball board.

    Bingo Hour features a lady caller with a very fruity British accent that I quite enjoyed. It beats the robotic voice many games use.

    There's also music -- a James Bond-like soundtrack. I hope Bingo Hour adds more musical selections soon because I had to turn off the sound and turn on the stereo after a few games.

    I'll update this report when I get a chance to play the jackpot game, which should be quite soon. I'm waiting till I feel really lucky. See you at the chat bar!

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