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Monday, October 20
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16 Aug 04
Over(Rated) And Under(Dogs): Regular Season Team Win Predictions
Are you ready for some football? This is an exciting time with the NFL regular season on the horizon. Take a look at this handicapper's review of teams that he thinks provide wagering value right now for prop bettors.

10 Aug 04
NFL Pre-Season Success = Regular Season Success
The very first nationally published article I wrote (in Winner’s Edge magazine) contained a football quote by Bill Parcells, the master at winning and covering preseason contests. Parcells stated, “People who think preseason football is meaningless don’t know anything about football.”

08 Jun 04
The Gang That Beat Las Vegas Part V
No betting operation had ever controlled the market on such a synchronized and national level, but Billy Walters admits, he didn’t always have his way so easily.

20 May 04
The Gang That Beat Las Vegas - Part IV
Billy Walters maintained a low profile in Las Vegas. If he appeared at a sports book it was usually around midnight. when he might come to open a betting account with $100,000 or more in cash — however much he could fit in a Famous Amos Cookies bag.

07 May 04
The Gang That Beat Las Vegas Part III
In a room alone, just he and his computer, Michael Kent was simply another technology dweeb.

04 May 04
Bettors Cash In
Bettors delivered a one-two punch to the city’s sports books in April as the NBA’s playoff season and Major League Baseball got under way with a barrage of games that the players had no trouble putting in their win columns.

29 Apr 04
The Bombay Manifesto
£3 William Hill punter spins for biggest ever online win - over £436,000!!!

22 Apr 04
The Gang That Beat Las Vegas – Part II
The Computer Group had burgeoned into the first truly national network of sports bettors, able to buy up the best point spreads from coast to coast. At the height of its powers, the Computer Group wielded more influence over those who bet on sports than any superstar athlete or Super Bowl franchise...

13 Apr 04
The Gang That Beat Las Vegas
The story of Billy Walters and the Computer Group is one of the most compelling sagas in wagering history. For five years all they did was wager and win more money than anyone thought possible. It's a story of innovation, business savvy, success, and ultimately, a collapse of epic proportions. Part I

06 Apr 04
Triple Crown Race And Sports
Earlier this week we had the opportunity to speak with David Banks, the manager of Triple Crown Race and Sports Book (and online casino). As one of our newest sponsors at WinnerOnline, we thought our visitors might like to now a little more about their operation.

31 Mar 04
Five Secrets That Every Recreational Bettor Should Learn
Most casual bettors don't make a profit from their sports betting hobby. This includes bettors who are relatively sharp as well as those who couldn't pick a winner if their lives depended on it. That's not a horrible thing either...

24 Mar 04
NHL Playoff Predictions
If I'm watching a game with a group of friends, I won't have a pen and paper, or my laptop in front of me, taking notes. Otherwise, every game that I watch is an exercise in gaining information.

24 Mar 04
BoDog Releases Odds on NFL Draft Sportsbook and Casino™ has released odds on the New York Giants and San Diego Chargers first round selections in the upcoming NFL Draft.

23 Mar 04
10 Minutes With Tim Levene of BetFair
This week we spend 10 minutes with Tim Levene, the
Commercial Director for the number one betting exchange in the world,

23 Mar 04
What Will be the Fate of Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams?
A prosecution ballistics expert conceded at Jayson Williams' manslaughter trial last Wednesday that a wood chip stuck inside the shotgun that killed a chauffeur might cause the weapon to fire without pulling the trigger.

19 Mar 04
Headaches In The Nets
This National Hockey League season is not similar to last year for many goaltenders. Patrick Roy retired, goalkeepers meticulously measured various pads in case the Pad Police showed up, and no goaltender, other than Roberto Luongo, has had a sensational year.

18 Mar 04
What To Look For When Watching The Games
If I'm watching a game with a group of friends, I won't have a pen and paper, or my laptop in front of me, taking notes. Otherwise, every game that I watch is an exercise in gaining information.

16 Mar 04
David Vs. Goliath - March Madness Style
It is tourney time, March Madness 2004 and I have dug around for an interesting angle that has produced a healthy percentage of first round winners in the past. The NCAA's big event is the second most popular in terms of North American wagering...

08 Mar 04
Will Any Player Test Positive to Substance Banned by MLB
The very latest and most technologically advanced gaming software has now been launched on Zodiac Casino (, powered by Microgaming Software.

19 Feb 04

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