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Thursday, July 24
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CherryCasino Launches Buddy Poker
21 November 2001


Net Entertainment - CherryCasino is adding a play-for-fun Poker Game where the players can challenge each other without betting any money.

Casino manager George Lindgren says, "At CherryCasino, we have many customers who really enjoy Poker, so we've decided to design a Poker game where you can challenge your friends in an easy manner. Your friends don't even need to be online as you challenge them!"

A challenge is initiated from the CherryCasino web site. The challenged person gets notified via e-mail and can play his round at any time within the competition time. When the challenged person has played his round, both contestants may view their game-play and see who won.

A competition goes on for a certain time and the more friends you challenge and beat, the better your chance is to win the competition.

Lindgren continues, "During a two-week period from today, you can challenge your friends to a quick game of Poker, in order to get as many points as possible. The player with the most points at the end will get $50 to play with at CherryCasino.

"It is really easy to join the challenge whether you already are a customer of CherryCasino or not. And best of all, you can challenge as many friends as you want and it is totally free of charge! So now is the time to show your pals who's the top dog at the Poker table. It's free, so what have you got to lose ... besides your pride?"

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