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Tuesday, July 22
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North Carolina Wants Video Poker Banned
18th of June 2010

North Carolina is continually frustrated by the fact that there are so many illegal video poker machines operating in the state despite a law that bans the use of them. Lawmakers are continually refining the rules to ensure all the loopholes are shut down as operators like internet cafes continue to find ways to provide these machines to gamblers. One of the loopholes operators found, is that internet sweepstakes are not included in the bill and have seen that thrive in the state.

Lawmakers have not stepped in to outlaw internet sweepstakes which gives authorities power to shut down operators who choose to go against the law. The main point of debate to ensure that internet sweepstakes is outlawed is that addiction is a high possibility and that sweepstakes increases the possibility of crime. However, millions of dollars in government revenue is at stake with the decision to be made.

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