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Monday, July 28
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Missouri Students Compete in Gambling Competition
18th of June 2010

The Missouri Gambling Association have produced a very creative initiative to help curb problem gaming in it’s state casinos. Called ‘Project 21’ the Association calls for under 21 year olds to create a message to in the form of an essay, video or poster to show how dangerous underage gambling can be. Once the messages are handed in, a panel will judge which ones are the best with prizes in the form of college scholarships.

This year, four $1,000 scholarships have been awarded along with two $1,500 scholarships have been handed out. The initiative is part of the Missouri casino industry to educate the state in the dangers of underage gambling. As a form of lobbying and state control, casinos are constantly engaging in educational projects to help enforce safe gambling and minimise gambling problems.

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