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Tuesday, July 29
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Letting It Ride
How to play Let it Ride poker
by Stuart Kernaghan,
03 June 2002

Sands of the Caribbean
VIP Casino
Omni Casino
Onluck Casino
Las Vegas USA Casino
2000 Casino
7 Seas Casino

Let It Ride is a variation on Five Card Stud poker, but you aren't competing against the dealer or other players: you're competing against yourself. There are three different versions of the game on the Net these days: Let It Ride from CryptoLogic, Let 'em Ride from Real Time Gaming (RTG), and Free Ride from World Gaming (WG).

Let It Ride uses traditional casino rules (with six cards), but Let 'em Ride and Free Ride use Internet-specific rules (with five cards). The real difference between the games is that players make three wagers to start in Let It Ride and have the option of pulling two of those three bets, whereas they start with an ante and have the option of raising two bets in Let 'em Ride and Free Ride.

The objective of the game, regardless of version, is to get a hand consisting of a pair of 10s or higher. You start by wagering (or anteing up) any amount between the table minimum and maximum, and are dealt three cards face up and three (Let It Ride) or two (Let 'em Ride and Free Ride) face down. You then have the option of pulling a bet in Let It Ride if you don't like the hand, or letting it ride if you do. In Let 'em Ride and Free Ride, you have the choice of raising at this point or continuing. The only catch is that the raise has to be the same amount as the ante.

The fourth card in Let It Ride is then discarded and the fifth card is turned over, regardless of whether you pull a bet or let it ride. Similarly, the fourth card is turned over in Let 'em Ride and Free Ride. You then have to make the same choice of pulling/letting it ride and raising/continuing over again. Once that choice is made for the second time, the final card is turned over and you are paid if you have a winning hand.

Hands in Let It Ride are ranked the same way as they are for other poker variations, and the pay table for winning hands is as follows:

Let It Ride Payouts
Hand Payout
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind50:1
Full House11:1
Three of a Kind3:1
Two Pairs2:1
Pair of 10s or Better1:1

Some sites also offer a progressive jackpot for Let 'em Ride. The jackpot works much the same way as other online progressives, with only the top five hands paying out. Progressive Let 'em Ride jackpots usually offer the following payouts:

Let 'em Ride Progressive Payouts
Hand Payout
Royal Flush100%
Straight Flush10%
Four of a Kind$100
Full House$70

Strategy for the online version of Let It Ride is fairly straightforward. You should only let it ride (or raise on RTG and WG sites) after your first three cards if you have:

• Any paying hand (Tens or better, three of a kind)
• Any three to a Royal Flush
• Three suited cards in a row except 2-3-4, and Ace-2-3
• Three to a Straight Flush, with at least one high card (ten or greater)
• Three to a Straight Flush, with at least two high cards

You should let it ride (or raise) with four cards if you have:
• Any paying hand (Tens or better, two pair, three of a kind)
• Any four to a Royal flush
• Any four to a Straight Flush
• Any four to a Flush
• Any four to an outside Straight with at least one high card ('outside' card is missing, e.g. 6,7,8,9)
• Any four to an outside Straight with no high cards
• Any four to an inside Straight with 4 high cards ('inside' card is missing, e.g. 6,7,9,10)

You won't find Let It Ride at every casino, but here are a few from each software manufacturer.
CryptoLogic: Sands of the Caribbean, VIP Casino, and Omni Casino
Real Time Gaming: Onluck Casino, Las Vegas USA Casino, and Powerbet
World Gaming: 2000 Casino, 2BetOn, and 7 Seas Casino

UPDATE - Diamond Digital Systems recently released a variation of Let It Ride called Ride'm Poker that combines the two different types of game play described above. Players receive five cards, but place three bets and pull wagers as cards are turned. You can try this game at - Ed.

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