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Monday, July 28
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Gaming Internet/Harrods Partners with
08 June 2001


PRNewswire -- Gaming Internet Plc, the digital media rights and interactive gambling products business, today announces that its joint venture partner Harrods Online Limited has signed a two year marketing agreement with, the British arm of Microsoft Corporation's market leading internet service provider, for an online casino.

The Harrods Casino will be the first online casino and gaming product on MSN's UK portal and will be available to MSN's web site users with effect from mid-June 2001.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Harrods online casino will benefit from a fixed link on the home page, banner advertising throughout the site and also an exclusive promotional page.

The Harrods Casino business, the 50/50 joint venture between Gaming Internet and Sporting Resorts SA, a subsidiary of Harrods Online Limited, commenced trading on 29th November 2000. Harrods Casino was the first major retail brand in the world to launch an Internet casino.

The joint venture is based on a three year fixed term basis with a rolling twelve-month contract thereafter. Costs and profits associated with Harrods Casino are equally shared by the joint venture partners.

David Sanderson, Chief Executive of Gaming Internet Plc, commented, "The strategy of focussing on established quality brands for our online casino business is key to the success of gambling in a secure and reliable environment.

This has translated into a ground-breaking agreement with, now the largest UK portal with an estimated 11 million users per month in creating Britain's biggest online gaming site. We look forward to working with Harrods and MSN in broadening the reach of a high quality gaming experience over the coming months."

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