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Friday, August 1
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Pay Me Now - $163,390 From
27 January 2004


SOURCE: InterCasino

London, UK -– InterCasino ( player with the appropriately amusing username “Pay Me Now” is the latest of a series of MEGA-Jackpot winners to take home more than $100,000 from their ever popular Rags to Riches progressive online slot machine. This latest MEGA-Jackpot win is particularly noteworthy as the $163,390 jackpot was won after only $57 invested in the massively generous Rags to Riches slot.

“While a $163,390 win is nothing new for InterCasino players, very few people are able to pull off a MEGA-Jackpot in only 19 spins! Pay Me Now is the right moniker for the player that pulls that off,” said jovial casino manager Ryan Hartley. “We have given away more than $9,000,000 to jackpot winners over the last 18 months, but I can’t remember anyone winning a MEGA-Jackpot this easily.” Hartley continued.

What will Pay Me Now do with the $163,390 he won with the greatest of ease? Here are some ideas: buy 50,273 McDonald’s Big Macs, 1,086 Elvis Presley Collectors 24K Gold Records on eBay, 4 Lexus luxury SUVs or a Winter Home in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

But on second thought, if “Pay Me Now” reinvests his original $163,390 win at the same rate of return (one MEGA-Jackpot every 19 spins) he would make $468,356,001 from InterCasino on his $163,390 invested. Now that would be a hot streak!

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