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Wednesday, July 30
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How to be a Winner
by Angi Cividino,
7 January 2003

Losing sucks. It's hard on your pocketbook, hard on your ego and extremely hard to swallow at the best and worst of times. But winning? Winning just feels so darn good, doesn't it? And as a matter of fact, winning is good for you. Winning ignites your spirit, creating an automatic feeling of happiness and accomplishment, which in turn creates increased self-esteem. Winning leads to personal and financial success.

So how do you become a winner if all you've been doing lately is losing? Well, you're going to have to make a few changes - right here, right now. For starters, winners don't whine. Winners don't wallow. And winners don't hang-out with losers. Positive people possess a magnetic quality that seems to attract luck and success, so if you want to get in on the good life you will have to leave your negative friends to wallow in their own misery. Forget them.

According to Donald Trump, "What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate." And legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said, "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?" (Why indeed.)

Winners are quick to make the best of a bad situation and they accept full responsibility for their life. Winners make personal sacrifices while striving to realize their dreams and their goals. Winners welcome new ideas and challenges. Winners choose to live life with integrity.

Need we say more? Yes. Here is the mother of all cliché's on how to become a winner:

The Winner is always a part of the answer;
The Loser is always a part of the problem.

The Winner always has a program;
The Loser always has an excuse.

The Winner says, "Let me do it for you;"
The Loser says, "That's not my job."

The Winner sees an answer for every problem;
The Loser sees a problem in every answer.

The Winner says, "It may be difficult but it's possible."
The Loser says, "It may be possible but it's too difficult."
-- Anonymous

(Apparently, anonymous winners write cheesy poetry.) Look, if you want to become a winner at life, love, money and everything else that matters - just do it. For ideas on where to look, check out the following links:

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