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Tuesday, July 29
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Intertops Takes 15 Millionth Online Bet
by Chuck Greene, WINNERonline
10 Jan 2001

According to a company press release,, a popular online sportsbook, has accepted its 15 millionth online wager. The press release also says that was "the first company to ever accept a wager over the Internet and has a registered user base of over 480,000 customers from 183 different countries around the world."

The press release appears to be Intertops' response to a statement made by Morley Safer on CBS' 60 Minutes that Intertops' competitor World Sports Exchange was the "Internet's most popular and profitable online gambling site."

"Since becoming the first company to accept an online bet in 1996, we have raced to the forefront of this burgeoning industry," said Simon Noble, executive director and co-founder of "In 1995, when we first envisioned bringing gaming onto the Internet, we never in our wildest dreams imagined that we could eclipse the 15 million bet mark in just five years."

The company says they took nearly 100,000 individual bets on Super Bowl XXXIV (January 30, 2000; St. Louis vs. Tennessee) and expect even more this year.

"We are experiencing a 30 to 40 percent growth rate every year in bets taken on the popular sporting events, and this year will be no exception. We expect to handle over 125,000 bets on this year's Super Bowl and in excess of 350,000 on March Madness." gave away a luxury holiday to the customer that made the 15 millionth bet.

To reach the 15 million mark in less than five years, has averaged nearly one bet every 10 seconds since its inception and averages over 140,000 bets per week.

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