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Thursday, July 31
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Will the New York Rangers Finally Make the NHL Playoffs
16 February 2004


SOURCE: Casablanca Sports

Zapote, Costa Rica -- The last time the New York Rangers made the NHL playoffs we were all 6 years younger. It has become somewhat of a joke for the league's landmark franchise, which consistently has one of the league's highest payrolls, and just as consistently misses the postseason. As of the all-star break, the Rangers were 21-24-7-4, with 53 points. At the moment, they are sitting in 11th place overall in the Eastern Conference and11 points out of the 8th and final playoff spot.

"The Rangers franchise has been in absolute disarray for the past decade since they won the Stanley Cup in 1994," said Senior Odds Maker, Dan "The Man" Johnson." They spent a ridiculous amount of money and haven't produced any results since their cup run. They have to make the playoffs this year to gain any amount of respectability."

With just under 40 games remaining in the regular season, the time is now for the Rangers, who with the addition of perennial all-star forward, Jaromir Jagr, once again have the talent to make the postseason. The question is, if they do finally make the postseason for the first time since 1997, can they make a legitimate run. That is the ultimate question for a fading franchise that will do anything in its power not to reach new depths of futility.

BetCBSports has released odds on whether or not the New York Rangers will make the NHL playoffs and, if they do, how far they will go?

 The Rangers will make the playoffs  +100 
 The Rangers won't make the playoffs  -200

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