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Tuesday, July 29
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The Re-launch of Blackjack Ballroom
17 February 2004


SOURCE: Blackjack Ballroom

The new Blackjack Ballroom website will be a breath of fresh air for any gaming enthusiast who has ever become frustrated by messy, uninformative websites which are impossible to navigate.

Their new state-of-the-art site reflects their continued efforts to keep Blackjack Ballroom a step ahead in a competitive market. With a fresh and straightforward look and feel, the new website guides you effortlessly through a well set out and comprehensive series of information.

Visitors to the new site will get to experience the kind of great service and quality software that has made Blackjack Ballroom an industry leader. The re-launch also coincides with an exciting array of new options which have just been made available on Blackjack Ballroom.

The new and advanced VIPER technology offers players a totally realistic gaming experience as well as a selection of Nickel Slots, with bet options from as little as 5 cents you can have a good look around and experiment with a few different machines without breaking the bank! Also new on VIPER are MegaSpin Reel Slots, allowing the player to play 4, 6 or 9 games at once on their screen as well as the ever popular Thunderstruck. At Blackjack Ballroom players can also expect excellent customer service and an unbeatable loyalty program.

Part of the CasinoRewards network, Blackjack Ballroom also offer excellent weekly and monthly promotions which can all be viewed within the promotions section of the site.

To view the new Blackjack Ballroom site, go to

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