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Friday, August 1
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Spirit Mountain Awards $1.2 Million Wheel of Fortune Megajackpot
17 February 2004


SOURCE: Spirit Mountain Casino

Willaming, OR -– The Spirit Mountain Casino awarded a $1,225,083 five-dollar Wheel of Fortune ® progressive MegaJackpot™ on Tuesday, February 17th.

The winner, who asked to remain anonymous, said he is a regular visitor to the casino. He added that he was drawn to the winning machine because he “always plays this particular machine and won $1,600 on it last Saturday.” Upon realizing his million dollar win, the winner commented that he was simply “in shock.” “I saw the other machines reset so I knew I must have hit the big one” he said.

Tuesday’s jackpot is the twelfth MegaJackpot™ to be awarded at the casino since 1997. It is the largest jackpot to be paid at the casino which has now given away over $5.7 million in MegaJackpot™ awards. Spirit Mountain is one of several Oregon casinos belonging to a 15 state Native American gaming network that includes over 150 tribal casinos nationwide. Oregon casinos have now awarded 52 MegaJackpots™ since 1996 totaling $35.6 million.

The five-dollar Wheel of Fortune® progressive system has a starting jackpot of $1,000,000, and features the famous spinning wheel from the popular television game show. In order to win the MegaJackpot™, a player bets ten dollars at a time while attempting to line up the Wheel of Fortune® reel symbols on the machine’s payline. Each time a coin is played in a linked machine, the cumulative jackpot grows and continues to build until it is won.

Wheel of Fortune® was developed by IGT (, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of microprocessor-based gaming and lottery products and software systems in all jurisdictions where gaming and lotteries are legal. Sodak Gaming Inc. is the leading distributor of IGT slot machines and progressive systems on tribal lands and manages sales and service to Indian Country from its headquarters in Rapid City, South Dakota. All IGT MegaJackpots top awards are paid in annual installments upon verification, except MegaJackpots Instant Winners Jackpots and Rapid Riches MegaJackpots awards, which are paid in their entirety upon verification.

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