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Friday, July 25
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Neteller: Step-by-Step
by Max Drayman,
09 February, 2004

By now pretty much everyone has heard of Neteller ( It would be hard not to. As far as financial options go Neteller has got to be the single most popular choice for online gamblers since the credit cards bowed to political pressure and backed out of the scene.

Ok, fair enough, but maybe you don't have a Neteller account. I know I stalled for quite some time. But when you finally get around to it it's really not that big a deal. We thought it might be a good idea to offer a step-by-step guide to signing on.

As their website says, there are 3 steps in opening a NETeller account.

STEP 1 - Enter Account Information

Fill out the information on the page at and click Join NETeller.

Sounds simple enough but there are a few things you need to be careful about.

  • Make sure you use a valid email address when signing up. A confirmation email with important information will be sent to this email address. If you don't receive the email you won't get your account. In other words, no bogus email addresses!

  • There's one of those "What is your mother's favorite colour?" type security questions that needs to be answered on the sign in page. If you forget your login information, you will be asked the security question you selected to confirm your identity. If the answer you give matches the one you input here, NETeller will email your login information to you. Obviously this is something worth taking note of 'cause if you forget the answer life will get needlessly complicated. I keep a little notebook beside my computer for just this kind of thing.

  • On the sign in form it asks for your Social Security Number (Social Insurance Number if you're in Canada). Note that this is an optional field. Since it is not marked as "required" you don't have to provide it if you don't want to. Of course they've got a few words to say on this: "NETeller collects this information for the purposes of identity verification and the prevention of potential fraud. These numbers are stored with our Security Department and kept confidential."

  • If you run into trouble during your registration process you might be tempted to use their Live Chat Help. Don't bother. All you'll get is a page that says: "The page you are looking for has either been moved or does not exist on this server. Please contact if you need help."

    Ok, submit your info and if everything goes well you can move on to STEP 2.

    If everything doesn't go well, which it didn't for me, you'll need to contact Neteller and will probably end up speaking to their Security people. I asked them what the problem was and they said it was a common problem: my internet IP did not match the home address I'd given them. This was quite true, I was out of town when I tried to register. They needed contact info at my out-of-town location and a faxed copy of my passport. After all that was taken care of I too got to move on to STEP 2. In case you're wondering they're just trying to prevent fraud by doing this IP check thing. Given the amount of financial fraud on the 'net these days that's probably a good idea.

    STEP 2 - Activate Your Account

    Ok, finally! Neteller sends you an email which contains your Account ID and Secure ID. Follow the link provided in the email, entering this information along with the password you choose on the sign-in page and your new account will be activated. Again, you'll receive a confirmation email of this.

    STEP 3 - Fund Your Account

    Now it's time to actually do something! There are several deposit options for funding your account, including direct deposit from your bank account. To deposit from a bank account, you will need to register a bank account with NETeller. You can also use your credit card, do a wire transfer or a bank draft. It's the usual stuff. Pick one that suits you and you'll be good to go in no time.

    One final word of caution: there is also a site (notice the two "t"'s) run by Jack Henry & Associates but "NetTeller" and "NETeller" are not the same thing. I don't know what Jack is offering and I didn't bother to enquire.

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