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Tuesday, July 29
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Husband & Wife win over $45,000 at Kiwi Bingo
12 February 2004


SOURCE: Kiwi Bingo

Long standing Kiwi Bingo players Deborah (karaokedeb) and Terry (fly1960) from Maryland, U.S.A. have just done the double!

On February 6th Terry won Kiwi Bingo's biggest ever Day Of The Week Jackpot - a rather cool $10,928.50. What makes this a piece of Bingo History is that on February 10th Deborah (Terry's wife) hit the jackpot and won an incredible $34,207.10 on the progressive slots game Fruitmania in Kiwi Bingo! This brought the combined jackpot total to $45,135.60 for four days work! "I always like to get the biggest win!" says Deborah.

"I just love Kiwi Bingo, it's so friendly and nice." says Deborah, "I signed ages ago and really like the new system. I've played at a few other sites but I have never won as many times or as much as I have at Kiwi Bingo, it's just great!"

To add to the uniqueness of it all Terry wasn't even playing when he won the DOW jackpot. He had pre-bought his cards knowing he would be away on business but not wanting to miss the jackpot game. Pre-buying for jackpot games is a relatively new feature in online bingo. Players have the option of buying bingo cards sometimes days in advance for jackpot games when they can't be in the game themselves.

CMM Carol recalls the feeling in chat that day "Chat was wild when the jackpot went, everyone was looking for Terry to congratulate him but he wasn't there. Deb was frantically trying to reach him on his cell phone and at the same time not pass out from excitement, it was a real hoot!"

What sort of effect will the wins have on the lucky couple? "None at all…" replied Deborah, "I'm playing speed bingo and Captains Slots right now. I just have so much fun, we both really like the way we get contacted regularly by the customer support team, and the chat leaders do a great job keeping the whole thing running so well. We both play all the time!"

Kiwi Bingo's Promotions Manager had this to say; "Terry and Deborah are both really nice people, its attitudes like theirs that help make the Kiwi Bingo community so much fun. I don't think this could have happened to a nicer couple."

Kiwi Bingo ( re-launched as part of the Bingoland network in late 2003 on the latest bingo software developed by Playtech. Kiwi Bingo is a wholly owned independent offshore subsidiary of the Christchurch Casinos Ltd Group.

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