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Thursday, July 31
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Gaming Corporation Forms Global Strategic Alliance
11 February 2004


SOURCE: Gaming Corporation plc

Gaming Corporation ("Gaming Corp" or "the Company"), is pleased to announce that it has entered into a global strategic alliance with the world's largest trade exchange Bartercard International ("Bartercard"),

Bartercard is the largest and fastest growing barter network in the world operating in 15 countries. Bartercard currently has over 60,000 business clients and 200,000 card holders with a World class e-commerce barter internet site.

Bartercard is a business-to-business market place that facilitates exchange of goods and services instead of cash through electronic transactions via the Internet, selected swipe card facilities and telephone "e-commerce", or by a transaction voucher similar to that used with a credit card.

In a unique strategic alliance Gaming Corp will provide Bartercard with its own branded casino site, with 24/7 multi-lingual support, so its members and card holders can gamble online using Trade Pounds, which are the alternative to cash that allow businesses to trade their own goods and services.

The deal, believed to be the first of its kind in the World, provides Gaming Corp with global exposure and access to an entirely new market place of high net worth business people.

Under the deal Gaming Corp will manage the Bartercard Casino and receive all gaming profits. These profits will be applied to a global advertising campaign across the Bartercard international network. Bartercard benefits from the increased trade activity on which it charges transaction fees, which forge the foundation of its revenues. already facilitates online transactions for its online auction, shopping mall and e-marketplace and currently clears transactions in 20 different currencies, and expects its large membership base to rapidly adopt the new Bartercard Casino in the same way it has adopted its other online products and services.

"We are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand our player base and increase our marketing exposure. Bartercard has a large global customer base and is the market leader in its sector. As well as providing gaming services to Bartercard's global member base we can effectively market our gaming services though the Bartercard network of advertising Companies", commented Justin Drummond, Chief Executive of Gaming Corporation.

"The internet site is our fastest growing source of new trade, with almost 20,000 of our members registered to trade online. Of course the core of our business is business or B2B products and services, but we recognise that entertainment, particularly gaming has huge potential as our clients are increasingly looking for alternative ways to enjoy life outside of work" says Bartercard Founder and CEO Wayne Sharpe.

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