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Thursday, July 24
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Chimera Signs Second Gaming Licensee
17 February 2004


SOURCE: Chimera

LAS VEGAS -- Chimera Technology Corp. ("Chimera") (Pink Sheets: CNOC - News; is very pleased to announce the signing of its second licensee, Time Investment Corp. ("Time"), for its leading suite of online gambling products. Chimera and Time intend to immediately commence the architecture and construction phase of the Web site, with deployment expected within the next 30-45 days. Time Investment Corp. is expected to launch its site by first utilizing Chimera's sports wagering platform, to be followed by further Chimera gaming platforms such as poker, blackjack, roulette, pai gau and roulette, among others. Time Investment Corp. will be hosting the site through Chimera's operations partner, E-Network, as well as managing all traffic and financial reporting through Chimera's "BIRDS EYE" system.

Chimera President Ken Chua stated, "The whole Chimera team is extremely proud of being able to deliver accelerating news and business results to our shareholders and the investment community. With the signing of our second licensee, Chimera has morphed into a full flight sales and marketing-based company in 2004. The restructuring we went through in 2003 was extremely beneficial in bringing us to this point and providing us with nothing but clear sailing in 2004 and beyond. This is a very exciting time to be part of Chimera and an industry that is experiencing exponential growth." Reports Stellar First Weekend

Chimera's Costa Rica-based operations partner, E-Network, reports significant traffic, account registrations and wagering at in its first full weekend of operation. E-Network reports that many customers have already placed multiple bets and the complete operating system experienced no problems under load.

In addition, Chimera's continuing efforts to position itself as a world-class licensor and host of online gaming operations were further bolstered this past week by E-Network's addition of modules to the sportsbook-wagering platform, further improved stability, user-friendliness, automated account opening protocols and implementation of 128-bit encryption securities protocols.

Chimera Featured as Feature Story on AOL Small Cap Centre

The company is also pleased to announce it has been featured as the Feature Company in this week's edition of the AOL Small Cap Centre for its outstanding achievements and announcements last week.

The AOLŪ Small Cap Centre (Powered By Agoracom is Canada's first national media brand dedicated to reporting the news, developments and achievements of Canadian Small Cap Companies, providing more than 450,000 AOL members with only the most significant developments and stories in small cap stocks. The site attracts more than five times as much traffic as any of the 10 most visited financial Web sites in the country.

This press release is available on the company's official online investor relations site for investor commentary, feedback and questions. Investors are asked to visit and view the "Chimera Technology" Investor Discussion and Contact Forum. Alternatively, investors can e-mail AGORA Investor Relations directly at

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