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Wednesday, July 23
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Unibet Issues Bond of EUR 100 Million
18 December, 2007


SOURCE: Business Wire

(Stockholm, Sweden) — On December 17, 2007, the Unibet Group plc (STO:UNIB) announced that the Board of Directors has decided to issue a bond totalling a nominal value of EUR 100 million.

Allotment and final terms and conditions have been settled through an auction process managed by E. Öhman J:or Fondkommission AB. The bond matures after 3 years and the bond can be redeemed early at Unibet’s option from December 21, 2008.

The bond has a fixed annual coupon of 9.70 per cent. Unibet has, among other conditions, undertaken not to distribute more than 75 per cent of the Group’s net result through dividend or share buy back, and to ensure that net debt does not exceed three times the Group’s EBITDA in respect of the most recent twelve-month period.

The bonds will be registered at the OMX Nordic Exchange no later than on March 31, 2008.

“Unibet has attracted more than EUR 100 million on a global capital market characterised by major investor uncertainty. We take this as a sign of strength and a proof of our business model. We are now able to continue our business without any limitations”, says Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet.

As a result of the bond issue, Unibet has secured a financial position allowing acquisitions. In Unibet’s opinion, the bond satisfies the company’s financing requirements with maintained flexibility and concurrently, conditions are created for a positive development of shareholder value in Unibet.

“Our ability to strengthen our organic performance with add-on acquisitions has improved with this bond issue. Besides the ongoing Maria Holding acquisition, where gross winnings continue to grow (SEK 102.2 million or GBP 7.8 million per 30 November, 2007) while also showing a strong intake of registered customers (186,558 per 30 November, 2007) and active customers (13,814 active last 3 months per 30 November, 2007), we will now look for further value enhancing M&As”, says Petter Nylander, CEO Unibet.

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