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Wednesday, July 30
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Week 15 Win Alters 'Perfect' Game
by Edgar Thompson with Tim Graham contributing
17 December, 2007


SOURCE: Palm Beach Post

The made-for-TV mismatch has been ruined.

The record point spread didn't happen.

One win in a season filled with futility changed the Miami Dolphins from the NFL's must-see train wreck to a team with big dreams.

Riding the wave of Sunday's 22-16 overtime win against Baltimore, 1-13 Miami heads into Sunday's game at 14-0 New England looking to play spoiler.

"What better time before we go into New England to get that little confidence, to get that little swagger, to get that cloud off our back," defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday said after Sunday's dramatic win. "We can go into New England and just play free."

The odds of an upset remain monumental for the 21-point underdog and injury-riddled Dolphins, who twice escaped defeat before handing the Ravens their eighth straight loss Sunday.

Miami, using backups at many positions, will be without linebacker Channing Crowder for the third straight week. The team's leading tackler will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee today that would make him the 12th Dolphin lost for the season unless he recovers in time for the season finale Dec. 30 against Cincinnati.

"Obviously, we have a great challenge this week," coach Cam Cameron said. "You get about 24 hours to either enjoy a win or get over a disappointment. You'd better move on, and that's what we're doing."

The last time the teams met, New England scored 42 points by halftime - the most in one half by a Dolphins' opponent since the third game in franchise history - and quarterback Tom Brady threw for a career-high six touchdowns.

But in the opinion of Las Vegas bookmakers, Sunday's win slightly boosted Miami's chances to beat New England and preserve the '72 Dolphins' place as the last team to go unbeaten.


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