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Friday, July 25
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Adult content and gambling: More is better?
A second look at adult-content casinos
by Max Drayman, WINNERonline
14 Dec 1999
adults only

If you read my first adult casino article, you'll recall that I talked about the tendency for adult online casinos to fall into the "splash-screen" category. These casinos offer a few tantalizing pics up front and then hand you the same old games. It's still true that a lot of adult casino sites fall into this category but I did find a few exceptions, and that's where we'll go this time.

First and foremost I gotta mention the leader in the "girlie card" field. As I mentioned last time, these casinos offer you the regular casino games but with girls on the card faces and table felt. There are a few contenders in this category, but the most common by far is the Softec/Starnet package used by a wide variety of casinos (see list below). In particular, see our own Chuck Greene's review of one such site, PlayersOnly.

While the Softec/Starnet package isn't the most stimulating adult content you'll ever see, it is pretty stable software, if a bit dated. If you haven't already heard, Starnet is currently facing major legal problems and you'll definitely want to factor that in before deciding whether or not to hand over your credit card at one of their casinos. See our gaming news section for more information.

A few adult casinos incorporate adult content right into the game. The SilverKiss Slot machine at Slotland is a premo example. By pulling winning combos on the machine you open a photo from their pin-up gallery, in addition to receiving your regular winnings. The longer you play, the more of the gallery you explore. Since there are several models in the gallery, with a photo series for each, you'll be playing for a while before you've seen it all. It's a novel concept and nice to see a game that has actually been designed around the adult content.

A newcomer in the arena of adult casinos is WorldNetGaming. A couple weeks ago I reviewed their no-download entry, Queen of Lust. Go here for the review.

Next we reach what has to be the heavy-weight for adult-content casinos: Vegas XXX Casino. This casino, which also runs Softec/Starnet games by the way, might be better described as a "porn" casino. You get all the stuff you'd expect from a porn site -- softcore, hardcore, lesbian, couples, video, stories -- and the casino games. You have to subscribe to the site in order to play, but the fees are a bit lower than typical.

And finally there are the "adult game" sites. I mention these simply for the sake of completeness because these are not casino sites. What they are is novelty games using adult material: puzzles, crosswords, etc. You might try Dirty Games for example. Just don't go in thinking you're going to find a hot blackjack game because you won't.

(More) Adult Sites we've visited: The first batch:

Read Max Drayman's original article on adult casinos

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