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Thursday, July 31
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Rodman Stars in GoldenPalace 3-on-3
1 August 2002



CHICAGO -- Dennis Rodman along with PURE, and Crobar the Nightclub, invite you to a night of off-court craziness, complete with big sounds, a surplus of celebrities and glitterati as far as the eye can see.

Internet gaming giant -- the company responsible for the growing number of ad tattoos on the backs of many high-profile sports figures -- was the Title Sponsor for the 1st annual Hamptonfest Celebrity Hoops 3-on-3 Tournament hosted by Dennis Rodman.

Many sports personalities and celebrities were on hand to watch and play in the tournament including "Magic" Johnson, ex-NBA great Chris Mullin, and NHL Superstar Alexei Yashin. Adding to the event's success was's donation of $15,000 for the children of Whalebone Village and the Hayground School. The 1st annual Hamptonfest Celebrity Hoops 3-on-3 Tournament will be televised several times on the E! Network this fall.

Now Dennis wants to show the public how outrageous he can really be. The former NBA bad-boy is off to Crobar the Nightclub, Chicago, the city where he's won three NBA Championships, to party with the hometown crowd. Rodman will be celebrating with DJ Dave Ralph and loyal sports fans at his official "I'm Back" party on August 9. will be bringing a few guests along for the ride.

The casino recently ran a contest offering the winner a trip for two to the Windy City and an invite to Rodman's party. A chance to hang out with "The Worm" will be a guaranteed once-in-a-lifetime experience for the lucky winner, as Rodman is widely acknowledged as a professional party animal. The site of infamous events including Dennis' birthday bash, Crobar is the natural choice for him to come home to.


  • DJ Dave Ralph / -- Kinetic Records, UK
  • Dave Ralph's years as Paul Oakenfold's opener seems like a distant memory
now, as since then he's masterminded a full catalogue of original singles, a pair of mix CDs, and a touring diary that parallels that of a foreign dignitary.

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