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Thursday, July 24
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$90,000,000 CASH Paid to Date on
14 April 2003

SOURCE: Jackpot Madness

CURACAO -- Jackpot Madness, the world's #1 cash jackpot destination, has paid out over $90,000,000 to 2,878 winners since 1999. This massive amount includes two payments of over $1,000,000 in CASH to the lucky Major Millions millionaires. Setting online payout history continues to be an achievement for Jackpot Madness as they are quickly approaching the $100,000,000 cash payout milestone.

The 11 progressive games featured throughout the Jackpot Madness network have generated tremendous winner payouts since their inception. To date, the following amounts have been won on each progressive and paid out by Jackpot Madness:

    1.  CashSplash              $15,686,610.68
    2.  LotsaLoot               $12,337,534.31
    3.  Major Millions           $5,792,149.71
    4.  Fruit Fiesta             $5,061,637.56
    5.  WowPot                   $4,288,785.53
    6.  SupaJax                  $3,027,455.74
    7.  Jackpot Deuces           $1,834,052.98
    8.  CyberStud                $1,304,741.69
    9.  Triple Sevens              $951,837.14
    10. RouletteRoyale             $257,977.50

Keith F., a multiple winner on two progressives exclaimed, "I just could not believe that I had won so much on CashSplash - and only a week after I won Supajax." Keith won $225,818.10 on CashSplash on Mar. 15, 2003 at Lucky Nugget Casino, and one week earlier also won $23,704.76 on SupaJax, Mar. 6, 2003 at the same casino.

Marka H., recently won $15,198.48 on WowPot on Feb. 01, 2003 at The Gaming Club. She also won $16,581.32 on WowPot on Dec. 16, 2003. In addition, Marka won on Fruit Fiesta once, Jackpot Deuces once, and SupaJax three times. Her grand jackpot total to date is an impressive $222,804.60.

"I have done really well on the Jackpot Madness progressives. I used to frequent land casinos, but I never won nearly as much. Now I hardly ever go to a casino -- it's so much more comfortable and PROFITABLE for me to play at home," said seven-time winner Marka.

Jennifer Nemirovsky, Press Agent for Jackpot Madness, commented, "If you take the average amount of money paid out to the 2,878 winners who won the $90,000,000, this is over $31,250. This average of over $31,000 cash to each winner is the highest of any game play portal on the web, further cementing Jackpot Madness' position as the Web's #1 Jackpot Destination bar none."

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