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Tuesday, July 29
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Super Bowl XLIII Proposition Betting
29 January, 2009


Many consider the NFL's champion game one of the biggest betting events of the year, including casinos and sportsbooks in Las Vegas, in fact, RJ Bell from projects that $10 billion worth of wagers are expected to be bet on Super Bowl XLIII.

But being the big event it has become, Super Bowl betting has become much more than whether the Pittsburgh Steelers win by more than 7-points, the Arizona Cardinals lose by less than 7 or the combined score is Over or Under 47; it is also about whether the coin comes up heads or tails in the coin toss.

"Proposition betsóprop bets, for shortólet gamblers put money on just about every game situation possible and give bettors reasons to root during each play," says a Canadian Press report.

Anything from the aforementioned coin toss prop to the team that will score first, prop betting has become a market unto its own, for land-based or online sportsbooks alike. has a "Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game Thank First" prop with the coach, family, teammates and even God as options. is offering bettors a chance to wager on which coach will be the first to throw the challenge flag with the odds at -120 for both the Steelers and Cardinals. has a prop that goes beyond the game, "Who will have the largest market share in TV Ratings?" +550 for the Phoenix Arizona area and -900 for the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area; the game will be broadcast on NBC. has an Over/Under proposition on the length of the shortest field goal with the Total set at 25.5 yards. has props involving the NBA and the Super Bowl, including one on who will score more points on Februaray 1? The Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl or NBA Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James against the Detroit Pistons? The line is set at 1.5-points.

A report from says that there are also props on what songs halftime entertainer Bruce Springsteen will perform and an Over/Under on the length of Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the national anthem, with the Total set at 1.5-minutes.

And these are only a few of the props out there.

"From the coin toss until the final play of the game, there's some prop being decided," executive director of the Las Vegas Hilton's race and sports, Jay Kornegay told the CP.

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